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~ Now Serving the US & Canada! ~~ Now Serving the US & Canada! ~~ Now Serving the US & Canada! ~

Convert your investment property (or an extra bedroom) into a profitable S.T.R. rental. Vacation Home Owners (aka. Short Term Rental Owners) can make significantly more income (50-100% more) than renting by traditional means. We, at S.T.R. Properties Inc., optimize every aspect of your property to ensure maximum occupancy & profits!

Spend Less Time and Make More! We handle everything from guest communications to check­-in/check-out, cleaning coordination, inventory tracking & supply replenishment, maintenance, and much more. No more evictions, no more tenant turn-overs; no more stress!

It's your home and your investment property. Tell us when the property is available and start earning. From a spare bedroom to luxury villas - S.T.R. will work with your schedule.
S.T.R. Properties Inc. is a technology powered short-term rental hosting & management company. We create the perfect investment vehicle for property owners & real estate investors by providing guests beautifully furnished homes and an experience they will always remember!


Our team of guest-relation specialists is available 24/7 to ensure that all guests receive the full 5-star, STR experience.


With the ability to connect to over 100 booking channels, quickly skip ahead of the line and fill your calendar with ease!


Proprietary Software + Local Knowledge = MAXIMIZED PROFITS. STR's listings are priced to book! Countless strategies designed to convert the highest number of bookings and attract return customers.


Experienced from full property rehabilitation to small bachelor gentrification, STR can handle any project according to your budget.


Peace of mind for guests as they check-in any time. Peace of mind for owners with automated and monitored KEYLESS entry systems. That's right! NO KEYS FOR GUESTS!


One of the many cornerstones of STR's success! Crisp & eye-catching photography designed to ''hook and catch'' for maximum conversion and sales.


Paid for - in full - by guests, every property is professionally cleaned from top to bottom (including towels and linens) after every booking to ensure highest ratings. STR's cleaning partners are contracted to guarantee quick and flawless cleanings every time.


Our teams of ninjas will bring forth prompt resolution to any minor maintenance issue. We won't call you to say the toilet IS clogged; we will call you to say the toilet WAS clogged! At no extra charge to you - so you can continue sipping your marguarita on the beach!

Flat Rate

  • A fixed management fee* per unit

Trial (Limited Time)

  • One Cost - All the Benefits

Book your next ACCOMMODATIONS with us today!

Travelling to Ottawa, Montreal, or Cleveland in the upcoming days, weeks, or even months? Check out our available units! Always beautifully furnished and decorated! Welcome to your next home away from home!

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S.T.R. Properties Inc.'s ultimate goal is to INCREASE property owners' profits. In fact, we aim to make all our clients live MORTGAGE-FREE or make MORE money with short term rentals than a regular tenant would pay! Sit back and enjoy the feeling of hands-off real estate ownership.

Let's talk and see how we can be of service. 


S.T.R. Properties, Inc. is always seeking local talent. Send us a message and we can schedule a meeting to discuss your skill sets, career goals, and how to join S.T.R.'s Partner Program.
Possibly. There are many factors to consider. Let's Talk!
S.T.R. Properties is a short term rental hosting company, it has no need for outside investor capital.

However, from time to time property owners lack the capital required to bring their units up to S.T.R.'s standards. In these instances, investors have an opportunity to bridge the gap.

Looking to get into real estate? Two of S.T.R.'s founders have an impressive rental portfolio and specialize in buying high cashflow real estate. Click here for more details ( or follow them on Facebook @JKs.Adventure

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